Nguyen Van Dai - Guaranteeing of children's rights in family culture in Vietnam

Approaching theoretical issues and reflecting on the reality of human rights, citizenship in general and children's rights in particular is a topic of great interest in legal science in our country today. Children's rights are placed in many spaces of different living environments and for the family institution it is a specific, important and decisive living environment. Children's rights to be protected are the basis for nurturing, preserving and promoting good and core values of family culture. On the contrary, cultural and ethical values are preserved and developed as the foundation for children to be protected, cared for and nurtured in a good living environment. In this article, the author uses the theory of guarantee of rights to generalize some content about the dialectical relationship between ensure children's rights and preserve and promote core values of Vietnamese family culture.

Nguyen Van Dai. Guaranteeing of children's rights in family culture in Vietnam // Humanitarian scientific bulletin. 2021. №5. Pp. 189-198. ISSN 2541-7509. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4782949. 

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